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Upcycled Rain Barrel-a-Thon
Upcycled Rain Barrel-a-Thon
Upcycled Rain Barrel-a-Thon
Upcycled Rain Barrel-a-Thon
Upcycled Rain Barrel-a-Thon
Upcycled Rain Barrel-a-Thon
Upcycled Rain Barrel-a-Thon
Upcycled Rain Barrel-a-Thon

Upcycled Rain Barrel-a-Thon

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Do you live in Indianapolis? Sweet, us too and this is for you!  **Indianapolis pickups or delivery only**

Harvest, divert and store rain water with our Rain Barrel-a-Thon!

What is the Rain Barrel-a-Thon?

Buy and schedule a pick-up or delivery of an Up-cycled Rain Barrel, you get TEN  Dollars off any additional Cultuvate Purchase and we will donate 10 dollars to the Non-Profit or garden of YOUR choice! Yes, 20 Dollars for your own awesomeness.

What all comes in your kit?

One Up-cycled Rain Barrel  -  Complete with spigots and mosquito netting

Still using a sprinkler?

Get your yards sustainability game to tip top sustainability level up by storing and pouring your water in an a Rain Barrel.

How does it work?

The Rain Barrel stores water that flows off of your roof. The water is captured by diverting your downspout into your barrel

Once it fills, you can us the water to fill in the rain gaps that summer droughts can bring.

But is it enough water to last me?

If you are growing the right plants for your area and using healthy soil practices, you are going to be fine. If you are not growing the right kind of plants and not using healthy soil practices, you can seriously up the sustainability level of your space by doing so.

Depending on your climate or the size of your space you may want additional barrels - contact us if you are not sure how many barrels you should get.

Rain Barrel Info-

There are holes drilled into the lid for the water to drain into from your downspout. The screening keeps out the debris from the roof and keeps the mosquitoes out.

Because all our barrels have a garden hose size spigot at the bottom of the barrels you have several options on how to water your plants since a garden hose, landscape tubing or drip tubing can be attached to the barrel. If you wanted to use a watering can simply situate the barrel on a wooden pedestal. The barrels also have an overflow fitting to allow the excess water that flows from the downspout to be diverted away from the barrel and a linking hose fitting so (2) or more barrels can be joined together and will all fill up from just (1) downspout

**These are a Food Quality High Density Poly Ethylene Barrels that were previously used to ship pickled food overseas. They are cleaned and rinsed with rain water and PH neutral soap so you never have to worry about harsh contaminants getting on your plants.