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About Us

At Cultuvate we are on a mission to cultivate a culture of sustainability. True sustainability starts on your plate. 

This and that diet of the year aside, food is the fuel that keeps us going! Where it comes from and how its grown makes or breaks ecosystems in to many ways to count. Nothing is more sustainable than food grown organically in your own home, neighborhood, or community.  

If you don't grow it, know who does! 

Once people know how to grow their own, the only scarcity we will ever face in the world is time.

On our site you will find all the products you need to start your own home food system from table, to compost, to table again. And as part of our commitment to sustainability the majority of our products are made from recycled materials!

We feel that everyone should have the access to making sustainable food choices. To us it is flat out wrong that food deserts cut off communities to this choice. That is why we carry long lasting products at great prices, so everyone can have the freshest food in their yard or patio, porch, school, balcony, or roof. This is the time  to reconnect to food and put a sustainable choice on your plate. 

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