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Dirt Rich Compost 1/2 Yard

Dirt Rich Compost 1/2 Yard

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Half Yard Dirt Compost - Compare to 9 1.5 Cubic Foot Soil Bags - Indianapolis and surrounding area delivery only - 

Dirt Rich Compost is made to Cultuvate by composting master of over 47 years John Haas.  Dirt Rich Compost is made from 100% leaf compost giving your seeds millions of microbes per tablespoon

Why is it Dirt Rich Compost? Because - Each spoonful of Dirt Rich Compost has millions of microbes working together with your plants to grow brighter blooms, juicier fruits, sweeter greens, fragrant flowers and herbaceous herbs - all while sequestering carbon, reducing pollution, and greening your garden - its a little bit trippy :)

You can harness all these growing powers of Psychedelic Compost as a foliar feed, top dress, or soil drench knowing its:

  • High in essential minerals
  • Vegan!
  • Triple screened to a 1/4 inch particle size.
  • NO manure
  • Full of live microbes to promote nutrient uptake and more complete dispersal throughout the plant cells.
  • Makes for healthier and stronger roots and plants
  • Will not burn plants
  • Actual weight - ~1.5+ LBS

Simple Compost Tea Recipe – Add one cup of Leaf Compost per gallon of water, soak 24 hours, and pour into watering can for watering

How to grow:

1. Put Compost in Root Pouch

2, Place in 3 - 4 seeds at seed pack recommended depth

3. Water -Following seed pack recommendations

How to make Compost Tea:

1: Place compost in Root Pouch and tie with string or rubber band

2: Place in bucket with non chlorinated water or rain water

3: Massage out the pouch for 1-2 minutes, or let steep for 24 hrs.

4: (Optional) Add 1 Tbsp. of organic molasses 

5: Dilute 5:1 and water or spray