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Ten Things Planted - Ten Days Before Spring

Its 10 days before spring and I wanted to share the ten seeds we are sowing (or have already sown before the big day! 

Check the list out, complete with seed, seed source, and where we planted it! Super pumped about our homegrown seeds. 

1. Oregon Sugar Pod Peas II, Baker Creek Seeds, Home Garden

2. Red and White Clover, DLF Seeds, Community Pollinator Garden

3. Kale, HOMEGROWN!, Home Garden

4. Cilantro, Homegrown, Home Garden

5. Radish, Homegrown, Home Garden

6. Red Mustard, Homegrown, Home Garden

7. Pak Choi, Baker Creek Seeds, Home Garden

8. Cantaloupe Calendula, Territorial Seeds, Community Pollinator Garden

9. Flower Mix (I cut a bunch of seeds last year and threw them back out in the garden), Home Grown, Community Pollinator Garden and Home Garden

10. Carrots, Baker Creek, Home Garden

Bonus: Already planted garlic (November, Territorial Seeds) and going to plant lots of parsley - I love it tooooo much.

Realistally, I've been left at home all weekend alone - so this list may get alot longer.

Happy Growing!


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