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Sowing, Growing, Rain Dancing 7/6

Growing in Indy? Put on some tunes and join us in a rain dance!

We need rain! The forcast says it will rain but we are dancing for extra insurance.

In our polinator garden we had a direct sowing completly fail! Yes, nothing grew.

What happened? Well, not enough rain hit after the sowing but just enough to germinate then dry and die:( Plus I removed a little to much of the excess cover crop mulch exposing to much compost and soil. 

Couldn't we have just turned on the hose? Yes - but we have not used a hose in that garden in nearly two years. Why?

One, to be water wise and two, hose water from our tap has chlorine that is no good for the soil. 

It's an extra degree of difficulty to not water but had I timed the rain better, it would be a differnt situation. 

Anyway - we are sowing more zinnia's and sunflowers to have blooms in time for Bates Hendricks Street Fest.

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