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Sowing and Growing 9/22

This week we are sowing and growing our cover crops to protect the soil over winter, build up some biomass, and dampent out weeds.

Oh, and we are also seeding a lawn... I never thought I'd do that with all the negative's a lawn normally comes with - you know the mono cropping, the runoff, ect. 

But, I realized each time I brew a compost tea, I make about enough for an acre. I dont have nearly an acre of space. And, there are technically grasses in cover crops. 

So, I'm giving the lawn grass a go. Don't worry the only thing we are feeding it is the compost tea - no nasty chemicals. Plus, I've mixed in a good bit of clovers and wildflowers. 

It's looking nice already:)


For the garden beds I'm using MPL Biodiversity Crop Mix from the Maine Potato Lady.

To get it out there I mixed the seeds and a 50/50 Dirt Rich Compost and Clay mixture, making small hand full sized balls and tossing it all around the garden and even in the new lawn. 

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