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Newsletter: Grow week of 05/14/2021

Saturday night's low is 46's, with nightly lows around 60

Higher night temps=Happy Plants

The nightly cold snap is ending!

Here is what we sowed last week:

Direct sow

(under cold frame)

Growth has been slow, even under our cold frames. Can't wait for the warmer temps. 

Personally, I hate growing seeds indoors but love direct sowing outside. It's simpler but as these cold nights have proved - it's an exercise in patience. I'll end up with more tomatoes than I can eat and more flowers than we can pick but right now --- I am grrrrr. 

The good news is if you are a transplanter, next week is perfect, Higher temps and rain!

It is also good for direct sowing:) 

This week we are planting more flowers, corn, squash and legumes in our Psychedelic Soil:)

Want a free Psychedelic Soil sample?

Just hit reply and let us know where to send it :)

At its core, Psychedelic Potting Soil is a living soil ready to grow in color.

Why did we make our own potting soil? To ensure what's NOT in the soil

-NO Peat Moss
-NO Chemicals
-NO Manure
-NO Run Off
-NO Waste 
-NO Bullshit (literally and figuratively) 

Simply living soil comprised of Pittmoss and Leaf Compost - ready to grow in color:)

Soil Health:

The humble tank full of Anhydrous Ammonia Fertilizer, its going to make those plants grow... but at what cost?

One big cost is lack of healthy soil - if the soil has what it needs, plants will have what they need. The nitrogen fertilizers of the world, like the one shown above work. But, healthy soil should not need this type of fertilizer. 

Why - healthy soil is a lot like a healthy body. When you eat the right foods and get your vitamins in you don't need to have prescriptions that come with their own side effects. 

This type of fertilizer or any similar chemical NKP fertilizer is a lot like a pharmaceutical - its going to prevent the health problem but there may be side effects to add to the issue.

In the case of fertilizer its going to grow plants, its not going to feed the soil what it needs to be healthy and has the side effects of less soil life and nutrient runoff. 

Nutrient runoff causes polluted water ways, which intern kills fisheries and a ripple effect of other environmental problems. 

We may not all be connected but all of nature is connected in one big food web that is the ecosystem. 

Whether you have a small back yard, a mini farm or 40 acres - building healthy soil with compost and proper soil practices may take time and may not feel like the biggest contribution in the world to the environment but each step in the right direction adds another step in the right direction toward sustainability. 

Healthy soil is alive - our soil and compost's mission is to get your soil so alive, that its tripping with life:)


The garden is growing!

We grew a multi species cover crop in the flower beds at the Bates-Hendricks garden.

This is the first year, thanks to the cover crops, that we have not had a HUGE weed issue. Plus, these now dead crops will add organic matter back to the soil over time as the soil microbiome does its thing with the decaying matter:)

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