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How to Get Dirt Rich - 1. Disturb as Little as Possible

If it's a fresh bag of our Dirt Rich Soil or the gound in your yard, disturb the soil as little as possible.

Typical spring garden chores - rake and clean anything still left in your beds, pull up old dead plants, and till up that soil. 

In a word - don't.

What, why?

You might be growing a simple lawn, a wildflower meadow, or a full on farm or homestead. Wherever you may be growing - there is an ecosytem and when it comes to soil - paying attention to your soil food web is key for soil health.

When spring comes, the urge to clean up is strong, but not everything is ready to wake up.

Those leftover stems and leaves in your beds may be full of beneficial insects and pollinators that lay eggs and hatch in the spring - with out giving them time to hatch, they wont. 

Beneth the soil is no differnt. The things that provide nutrients to your plants naturally - bacteria, fungi, and everything you see crawling around down there like worms, call your soil home.

That soil life feeds your plants and tilling destroys the home they built or are building. By not tilling, they dont have to restart. 

Believe me, the roots of the plants you want to plant - will love joinging your soils happy home.

Sometimes, you do need to dig a hole - you have to get a transplant in there somehow. The key is to let nature work and 1. Disturb as Little as Possible:)

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