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Five Things Planted - Five Days Before Spring

Five days till spring - 5 Seeds thrown. 

Check the list out, complete with seed, seed source, and where we planted it! Super pumped about our homegrown seeds. 

1.Siamese Dragon Stir Fry Mix Salad Blend, Baker Creek Seeds, Home Garden

2. Garlic Chives, Seed Savers, Home Garden

3. Dill,  Baker Creek Seeds, Home Garden

4. Arugala, Baker Creek Seeds, Home Garden

5. Turnips, Baker Creek Seeds, Home Garden


Thought of Masanobu Fukuoka while planting the Turnips. Turnips and Clover planted at the same time and kinda thrown all over was a good part of his do nothing style in Japan. Check out his book: The One-Straw Revolution
An Introduction to Natural Farming. 

Or take a look at this doc "One Straw Revolution" on youtube: It's dated but a good way to get the idea quick. 

Stay tuned for the 3 things we are planting 3 days berfore spring post.

Happy Growing!


 See the 5 planted on Instagram:

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