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Fall Compost Application for Your Garden? Good or Bad Idea?

- For sure a good idea! I am not sure about you but I put a good amount of things into the compost over the past few years - weeds, wood chips, chicken manure, leaves, dead heads (spent flowers not the people), food scraps and most recently a whole barbeque chicken in a bokashi bucket- more on that later. 

Now it's time to get it in our garden beds and let all that good compost and I can't wait - there is a bunch to get into the beds and fall is the perfect time!

Check out the links below to learn more:,far%20as%20the%20drip%20line.

Don't have any of your own compost? 

We have the hookup! Checkout our Garden Rich Leaf Compost, perfect for topdressing or making into a compost tea:)

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