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Thanks for coming to our blog! For this post, we talked with Phyllis Boyd, Executive Director of Groundwork Indy. 

For those of you who do not know, GroundWork Indy does a lot of great work in the Indianapolis community and we are happy to have helped supply them with raised beds through our 1-for-1 raised bed program. Why? Because they put them to superb use! Keep reading to learn more about Groundwork Indy from Phyllis herself! 

1. What is the purpose of Groundwork Indy and what is your role?

Groundwork Indy changes places and changes lives by employing youth to work on community-based projects that equitably enhance environment, economic, and social well-being.

Groundwork Indy’s role is to support community efforts to organize and execute projects that involve the built environment of public and shared spaces.

I’m the executive director and my role is to lead the organization.

2. What gets you excited to do what you do everyday?

I love working with people, youth in particular, to make our city more equitable, healthy, and beautiful.

3. What motivated you to start working working in the realm of sustainability?

Everything is connected, so working in the realm of sustainability involves taking a comprehensive approach to community health and environmental, economic, and social justice.

4. Why is growing food important to you?

On a personal level, growing food grounds me and makes me happy. It’s wonderful to be directly engaged in something that is essential to living, to support community efforts to improve food access, and to teach youth about growing food.

5. What is the one message, in 140 characters, that you would want people to see?

By engaging youth in the work of healing their communities, in imagining and working toward building life-enhancing places for everyone, we show our youth that we believe in them and what they have to offer - this is perhaps the most important aspect of our work.

(sorry, this is more than 140 characters…)

A huge thanks to Phyllis for all that she does! To learn more about giving or volunteering with Groundwork Indy go to

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