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Tomato Seed Pack w/Root Pouch + Psychedelic Compost

Tomato Seed Pack w/Root Pouch + Psychedelic Compost

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Get your heirloom tomatoes growing  right!

Packaged with Psychedelic Compost and a Root Pouch to encourage growth while minimize transplant shock! 

Psychedelic compost is made from 100% leaf compost giving your seeds millions of microbes per tablespoon -Why is it Psychedelic Compost? Because it grows brighter blooms, juicier fruits, sweeter greens, fragrant flowers and herbaceous herbs for an all out growing experience. 

Plus, the Psychedelic Compost makes a fantastic Compost Tea harnessing the growing powers as a foliar feed or soil drench. 


How to grow:

1. Put Compost in Root Pouch

2, Place in 3 - 4 seeds at seed pack recommended depth

3. Water -Following seed pack recommendations

How to make Compost Tea:

1: Place compost in Root Pouch and tie with string or rubber band

2: Place in bucket with non chlorinated water or rain water

3: Massage out the pouch for 1-2 minutes, or let steep for 24 hrs.

4: (Optional) Add 1 Tbsp. of organic molasses 

5: Dilute 5:1 and water or spray